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Testimonials for Southern Veterinary Partners


Sell My Veterinary Practice to Southern Veterinary Partners

"My partner Dr. Flatt and I have been with The Animal Clinic since 1974. For a few years, we have been discussing exit and transition strategies. During which time, we have been bombarded with offers to buy our veterinary practice. When Southern Veterinary Partners approached us, it was the first time we both felt comfortable considering their offer to sell our veterinary practice. We almost immediately said yes. Why did we sell to Southern Veterinary Partners? They offered a fair price and assurance that our staff was a major priority. We have had team members for 37 years and would not make a transition without knowing our employees were handled properly. Furthermore, these guys are veterinarians and know what is going on in the veterinary industry."

Dr. William Shannon, The Animal Clinic, Hendersonville, TN

Sell My Veterinary Practice to Southern Veterinary Partners

"While considering selling my veterinary hospital, I anticipated I would join another organization. But after meeting Southern Veterinary Partners, my mind was made that they were the right fit. With Southern Veterinary Partners, I feel supported and that my animal hospital will be enhanced with their continuing education, benefits and ability to network with peers for best practices. I appreciate their resources but enjoy they are not too big that I am lost in the mix. They give me the autonomy to practice medicine and allow Murrayville Veterinary Clinic to retain its identity. Southern Veterinary Partners understands our individual needs and culture and is a Southern group that speaks our language."

Dr. Jane White, Murrayville Veterinary Clinic, Murrayville, GA

Sell My Veterinary Practice to Southern Veterinary Partners

"When I started my ownership of Memphis Animal Clinic 40 years ago, I also started dreaming that the sale of my vet practice would be the ticket for my retirement. Southern Veterinary Partners made that dream come true. Jay Price and his team kept me updated, were thorough in their discussions and easy to work with during the acquisition of my vet practice. Their leadership and staff worked hard to make the transition smooth, uncomplicated, and straight forward for me, my employees and my clients. Thank you Southern Veterinary Partners!"

Dr. Stephen Tower, Memphis Animal Clinic, Memphis, TN

Glen Melton, DVM

"Joining Southern Veterinary Partners allows me personally the opportunity to develop a transition strategy, but more importantly, continues our tradition of veterinary care with an emphasis on excellence, client service and our team of employees. With the support and resources available, Southern Veterinary Partners allows us an even greater opportunity to provide the highest level of veterinary medical services."

Dr. Glen Melton, Melton Veterinary Hospital

Thomas Leahy, DVM

"I am excited to join the Southern Veterinary Partners’ family of high-quality veterinary hospitals and proud to be the first hospitals in Virginia to meet their standards for acceptance. Their philosophy of staff as family, clients as friends and patients as loved ones coincides with my beliefs for how veterinary medicine should be approached. This association with Southern Veterinary Partners allows me to spend less time on management and administration and more time doing the veterinary medicine which is so meaningful to me."

Dr. Thomas Leahy, Roseville Veterinary Clinic and Plaza Pet Clinic

Brad Huttenhoff, DVM

“I am pleased to become a part of Southern Veterinary Partners. Appalachian Animal Clinic has been built on high quality service to clients. The business model that Southern Veterinary Partners uses allows me to enjoy practicing medicine without the responsibilities of management. Southern Veterinary Partners emphasizes best-in-class medicine and service, which is consistent with the foundation I have developed with my staff. I look forward to utilizing SVPs resources to help Appalachian Animal Clinic thrive as a result of this partnership. Dr. Jay Price and his team have been instrumental in helping us to make a smooth transition."

Dr. Brad Huttenhoff, Appalachian Animal Clinic

Troy Jones, DVM

“I am very excited about joining Southern Veterinary Partners not only for myself but my staff, clients and patients as well. Our first priority is the care of our patients and this partnership allows me the time and flexibility to focus on them. Dr. Jay Price and the team at Southern Veterinary Partners made the process straightforward and were always quick to answer my concerns. Having access to the management team and resources will elevate the level veterinary care provided at Jones Veterinary Hospital. I recommend any veterinary practice owner who wants to stop worrying about business and get back to doing what they love, join the Southern Veterinary Partners team!”

Dr. Troy Jones, Jones Veterinary Hospital

Jim Phillips, DVM

“We have enjoyed the start of our new relationship with Southern Veterinary Partners,” said Dr. Jim Phillips. “The negotiations were friendly, forthright and thoughtful and the young gentlemen at Southern Veterinary Partners remind me of a time when handshakes had meaning.”

Dr. Jim Phillips, Southside Animal Hospital

“Southern Veterinary Partners brought compassion and confidence to our staff as well as a whole new level of employee benefits,” said Dr. Margaret Phillips. “Seeing the Southern Veterinary Partners team integrate with and accommodate existing staff, clients and pets has been a practice owners dream.”
Dr. Margaret Phillips, Southside Animal Hospital

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