Why sell my veterinary practice to Southern Veterinary Partners?

What makes Southern Veterinary Partners unique?

Jay Price, DVM, Chief Executive Officer

I understand you. Having owned and operated hospitals for 10 years, I founded Southern Veterinary Partners with a belief our organization could enable doctors to continue practicing personalized, high-quality medicine in our rapidly changing industry.

That vision required developing customer service training for our teams and centralized support in finance, accounting, HR, technology and marketing.

Eighteen months after starting Southern Veterinary Partners, we became the largest veterinary management company based in the Southeast. The vision became a reality with a strong team of veterinarians, business experts in operations and a financial sponsor committed to buying hospitals at the same valuation the big “corporate” guys offer. However, we offer a unique combination that no one else does – we are Southerners who know the South, we are doctors who know medicine and we are a team that does not act “corporate” very often.

Thinking about your future transition is a personal decision and can be daunting to consider. Whether you are considering selling soon, next year or in 10 years, or are just looking for a partner to help you relieve the back office management, I hope you would consider talking with Southern Veterinary Partners. Let us help you carry your legacy forward.

Jay Price, DVM

Sell my veterinary practice

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